Old London Map c1572.  Franz Hogenberg And so Dear Reader, we are going to take a break from murderous queens, scheming duchesses,  bad kings, good kings, missing royal children and silly bishops.  We are going to take a look at London’s Old Gates.  Where were they positioned, how many were there, and what become ofContinue reading “THE ANCIENT GATES OF OLD LONDON”

Cheyneygates, Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth Woodville’s Pied-à-terre

A tantalising glimpse of  an ancient passage leading to Abbot’s Court and the steps leading up to Jerico Parlour.  The Abbots House and Cheyneygates, later known as The Deanery, was situated to the right of the steps.  Photo Dr John Crook Country Life Picture Library. This updated post was written with the help and inputContinue reading “Cheyneygates, Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth Woodville’s Pied-à-terre”